One of the questions I get asked all the time is how did I get so many spices.  Spices can get so expensive if you buy them at the grocery store – even if you buy the store brand.  

How do you buy the spices you need while still staying on a budget? If you meal plan and shop for all your groceries on the weekends, it’s so easy to get your spices while you are at the store.

Ever wonder how to stock your spice rack without breaking the bank? Dash of Herbs tells you how!

I buy most of my spices from our Farmer’s Market – it’s really like a glorified and huge grocery store that literally has everything from all over the world.  

It’s great because their whole wall at the back of their store is only spices.  It’s spices for days!

Buy them in bulk

Buying in bulk really does cut down on the cost.  These tubs will last you a really really long time.  I think I bought most of my spices back in 2011 – 2012 and I haven’t used up most of these tubs.  

And you see that price on the curry powder?  That whole tub only cost me $1.69.  Yep…a little over $1.50 gave me more curry powder than I could ever need.

Do a little research to find an international farmers market in your area.  It really will help you save money to stock up your spice rack.

The spices you need now

I also get asked which are the essential spices that you must have now, so let’s get this out there.

Garlic PowderPaprikaCuminOregano
Garlic SaltSage – driedChili powderPanko
Basil – driedCurry PowderCinnamonBaking soda
Rosemary – driedGround gingerBread CrumbsRed pepper flakes
Thyme – driedCajun seasoningVanillaSriracha sauce

*I did not add table salt and black pepper, since you should have these on hand already.

This list might seem really long, and could get expensive, but it is important to stock your spice rack as much as you can.  And if you buy everything on this list, you will be very close to having all the spices you might ever need.

What should I add to this list?

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