Do you know what my favorite thing is?  Spending a weekend with my husband that had no clear agenda and was absolutely perfect.  I know, I know…shouldn’t most weekends be like that?  The answer should be yes, but they don’t always work out to be spontaneous like this past weekend was.  We all have plans and things to do and sometimes those get in the way of having fun.

Because we are about to close on our house (less than a month!), I wanted to do something a bit crazy.  Jeremy had mentioned before that he wanted us to look for antique things to go in our house.  Ok, I said…sure.  That sounds great, but where do we start?  And he wanted to go antiquing?  Was he sure he knew what he was getting into?  I had my doubts, but I also thought, why not!  Let’s go and see what we find.

Wow…all I can really say is wow.  And how did we not start doing this sooner?  We had so much fun going through an antique mall in Chamblee (we will be going back, don’t worry).  While I did see bigger pieces of furniture that could have worked in our new house, I knew we wouldn’t purchase any of them this past weekend.  We want to see what sort of space we are dealing with after our furniture is in place.  But there are so many possibilities and so much stuff.

I saw hundreds of jars that I could do things with (I bought 3 vintage mason jars with lids that I will be using in the new kitchen).  I saw old windows and old frames.  Mirrors galore.  Nick-nacks and just random things that were all old and awesome.  I wanted to buy so many things, but I refrained.  And I wasn’t the only one in love.

Weekend of Antiquing

In one of the stores we went into, Jeremy found a whole section of old newspapers – all dated and some had historical significance.  He ended up buying an old AJC from when we landed on the moon.  It was printed the day after and is in pristine condition.  He’s going to frame it so that he can hang it in his mancave in the new house.  I mean, how amazing is that?   I think we will be heading back there so he can look through even more old newspapers.  To hold a piece of history like that is amazing, and to be able to own it is even better.

In another store, I bought a beautiful tabletop wooden cabinet.  I don’t know why, but I loved this piece and it spoke to me and my heart.  I’m not sure where it will go in our house, but I loved it enough to buy it.  Sometimes you just have to follow your heart when you go antiquing.

Have you been antiquing before?

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