Were you the active kid growing up?  The one that people envied because you always had something going on during the week?  You probably didn’t worry about what you ate or if it was healthy.

Fast forward to your college years.  What happened then?  If you were like me, you probably slowly started to gaining weight. The change was slow because you were walking to class everyday.

After college, you probably got a desk job. Your newly purchased work pants felt tighter.  The shirts stopped fitting as loosely as they did a few months ago.  Weight crept up on you and now here you are.

I was just like you.  I can relate to you because I have been on Weight Watchers three times since graduating from college.  3 times!  The 3rd time, it finally clicked.  This last time was truly a holy crap moment!  I went to the doctor and got on the scale, but when I heard what I weighed, I gasped out loud and knew something had to change.

I joined Weight Watchers right when I got home – again – and became diligent about cooking healthy food.

Some FAQs about me:

How did you learn to cook healthy?

I was a slow adopter to cooking healthy. My sister is actually the one that helped to teach me to cook. I was never a lover of cooking until I tried Hello Fresh. When we were paying for meals each week, that helped me tremendously to start to like to cook.

Once I started to enjoy cooking, my sister and I would go to our local farmers market on Saturdays. That began my meal planning journey and really helped me start to cook and eat healthy.

How did you learn the Weight Watchers system?

I was an Online subscriber, so most of my knowledge came from the app itself. I also read a lot of articles about the tool and how the system works. Once you have been following WW for a little bit, the easier each new program becomes.

How long have you been cooking?

I have been cooking about 10 years. It might be longer to that, but it’s been about 10 years since I learned to love cooking.

Dash of Herbs was created in 2015, so I have been developing recipes for about 7 years. I did take some time off when my son was born, but the passion has only grown from there.

Where you get your inspiration from?

I love looking at cookbooks and I get a lot of inspiration from them. I also love to try to recreate recipes from some of my favorite restaurants.

I also get tons of inspiration from my kids. Finding foods that they both enjoy eating and will eat is very important to me.

While eating healthy will always be a part of me and my recipes, I also want to find things that are kid-friendly. When you have a picky eater(s), finding and cooking foods they will eat and enjoy is top priority.

Because I have been on this journey three times, I have been through every emotion possible.  I can relate to you and help you, because I know how it feels.  Let’s make you a priority!

This blog will help you find great recipes that are easy to make.  It will provide you with the SmartPoints Freestyle values in the recipe cards.  You can also find important resources about Weight Watcherskitchen resources, and resources about getting started with Weight Watchers.

You can read my personal weight loss journey if you are interested in how I lost and maintained a 40lb weight loss.

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