The summertime is meant for BBQs with friends, or hanging out by the pool all day long.  It’s for long days and slow evenings and meant for family get together’s.  

So, in the spirit of these things, I have created a list of easy summer salads you can easily make at home.

This is a list of easy summer salads you can make yourself. The left image is a strawberry red quinoa with feta salad. The right image is a tomato and orzo salad.
Easy Summer Salads

These salads are all able to be made in 15 minutes or less and are served cold – so those hot summer days don’t need any extra heat.

This image is of the Healthy Black Bean Quinoa and Feta Salad recipe. The image is a close up that shows the black beans, quinoa, chopped raw peppers and feta cheese.

Healthy Black Bean and Feta Quinoa Salad

Summer is quickly approaching and what better way to accompany your BBQ than with this healthy black bean and feta quinoa salad.  This salad is so easy to put together and should be served cold.

This salad recipe is one of the most popular posts on the blog – and one of my favorites.  It’s also one of the easiest salads you could make and makes the BEST side dish for a BBQ.  

So many people would love this recipe during your next gathering.

This image is a close up of the BBQ Chicken Salad recipe. The salad is on a colorful plate that has the BBQ chicken, chopped tomatoes, chopped romaine lettuce and sliced carrots in the image.

BBQ Chicken Salad

Lunch doesn’t have to mean fast food or spending hours in the kitchen.  This BBQ chicken salad is so easy and can be on your table in about 15 minutes.  Just cook the chicken, add the BBQ sauce and get your salad fixin’s together.  Yum!

This recipe is incredibly easy to make and tastes amazing.  The homemade BBQ sauce really makes this recipe amazing.

This image of the Easy Chicken Salad salad recipe shows the recipe on a toasted English muffin. This chicken salad recipe has chopped grapes, chopped cooked chicken, finely chopped red onion and Greek yogurt. There is a small light blue bowl filled with grapes in the background.

Easy Chicken Salad Sandwiches

The summer months can finally be spent without turning on the stove with these easy chicken salad sandwiches recipe.  

It’s a quick lunch recipe that you can throw together super fast for a week day lunch or dinner recipe.  It’s only 5 Freestyle points per serving on Weight Watchers.

If you need a super quick lunch recipe, make this one.  It’s probably the quickest meal you can throw together and use it with either an English muffin or by itself.

This image is of the Easy Orzo and Feta Salad recipe. This cold recipe has chopped tomatoes, feta cheese and orzo in it.

Easy Orzo and Feta Salad

Quick and easy side dishes are everything when you are pressed for time.  This easy orzo and feta salad is just that…so easy to make and tastes amazing.  

Just throw everything in a bowl and you have a great side dish for your family.  What’s easier than that?

This image shows the Strawberry Summer Red Quinoa Salad with Feta recipe in a white bowl. It uses red quinoa, strawberries, blueberries, and mango with feta cheese as the main ingredients. There is a yellow and white striped napkin beneath the bowl.

Strawberry Summer Red Quinoa Salad with Feta

This strawberry summer red quinoa salad with feta is the perfect compliment to your BBQ or summer picnic.  I love that you can have this warm or cold – and it’s delicious.

All sorts of berry’s come together in this salad – it’s delicious and tastes tangy with the feta cheese.

What type of easy summer salads do you like to make in the summertime?


  1. Thanks Macy! They are all so good and healthy too – and perfect for the summer late nights and lazy days.

  2. All of these sound delicious! I am excited to make the ones I haven’t tried yet!

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