There has been so much talk lately about self-care.  And I truly do think it’s important to take care of yourself.  Even if that means small things, like taking time to read a book you have been wanting to read, or taking a relaxing bath.  Small things can help get your juices flowing again and you feel rejuvenated.

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For all the ladies (and men) who work full time, I think this can apply to your work life as well.  Have you ever thought about what your passions are?  If you do a lot of data or analytical work (like I do), what sort of creative outlet do you allow yourself?

I have been meeting with a mentor for about 6 months (Hi Marti!), and she has completely opened my eyes to what I am passionate about, and how that could translate into a completely different career path in the future.  I had never thought about it before, but this blog is my creative outlet.  I find joy in it and I have passion for it – but to me, it was just a hobby.  Who knew that a hobby could really be something you are so passionate about and could – maybe – lead to a different career path.

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Why had I never thought about this blog as a creative outlet?  It definitely is, but I just thought it was something I was doing to help people find healthy recipes that are Weight Watcher friendly.  And while that is true, I have invested money in it because I want it to be the best Weight Watcher blog out there.  Will that actually happen, I can’t tell.  But, I don’t want to sell myself short or leave any doubts in it.  I have invested in a sleek design, countless forums and video tutorials, the Creative Cloud to help my photography, and even a new camera.  I have invested in these things because I want my hobby to reflect who I am and my level of commitment to this place.

But why didn’t I think about this as a creative outlet until recently?  Why would I sell myself short in that arena, when it really is a creative outlet for me.  I love creating new recipes (I have so many ideas for things to make, it’s crazy).  I love styling the photographs and I actually enjoy editing the pictures because I love seeing the final image.  The sense of accomplishment is something that keeps me motivated and to continue to create delicious food for you guys.

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