Congratulations!  You decided to join Weight Watchers.  So, now what?  It’s time to get to planning your meals.

Meal planning doesn’t have to be complicated.  It also doesn’t have to involve cooking all your food in one day.  That’s just not that realistic, especially for me.  So, what do you do?

Meal Plan With Weight Watchers

The best method I have found is to get your grocery list together over the weekend.  Plan out all your meals ahead of time for the week, and go buy all the groceries on Sunday.  

This includes dinners, snacks, lunches…anything you might be putting into your body.

By doing this, you remove the question of, “What’s for dinner?”  You have at least 3 options for what you are cooking for dinner.  If you need some inspiration, check out these options below:

In my experience, getting everything ready early in the week takes the guess work out of trying to find something to eat.  And we all know that finding Weight Watcher approved recipes aren’t always easy.  

Especially ones that taste great and won’t break your daily points.  Yes, it will take a little bit of work and planning on your part, but I promise you that the results will make your nightly routine so much easier.

On the occasion that I need to go to the store to grab something after dinner, I start making excuses like “I don’t need this” or “We could go out to eat instead”.  

DON’T BE ME!  Get everything you need – and I mean everything – to cook your dinners throughout the week.

One piece of advice

Don’t think that you can cook dinner 5 nights a week.  Remember that most of these recipes will leave you with lots of leftovers.  

I try to cook 3 nights a week so that we eat the leftovers and have a night to go out to eat.  You don’t want to just cook every night, if this isn’t something you already do.  

You need to keep everything in moderation – including how much you cook throughout the week.

If you over-commit – cook 5 nights a week – you will not only have wasted food…you will burn yourself out.  I know that sometimes I go through ebbs and flows in the kitchen.  

Some weeks I am gun-ho and others I don’t want to be in there.  So, to prevent that, keep it at 3 nights to start with.  Then you can work your way up to 5 nights if you wish.

How do you meal plan?


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  3. Welcome to Weight Watchers! We can do this. Breakfast is hard for me too. If you stop at Chick Fil A, I heard a few weeks ago that they started selling egg muffins (without the breading) that were good. I haven’t tried them, but that is an option. Chick Fil A is pretty good at having healthy options for any time of day that fit within Weight Watchers. I don’t know the point values for the muffins, but it’s an option. You could also prep food/breakfast on Sunday. You can make pancakes and freeze them and then you just have to pop them in the toaster in the morning and eat them on the go. Or you can make my Frittatas and microwave them on the way out the door. I have noticed that if I eat a good breakfast, I don’t snack nearly as much throughout the day, so it’s important to eat something in the morning. Sometimes for me that is grabbing the Light and Fit Greek Yogurt and eating it at work. I also have a snack bag that I take to work (Jeremy thankfully packs this in the mornings, but you could pack it the night before). Does that help?

  4. I bit the bullet and signed up for Weight Watchers this week! I am going to start on Monday. The biggest concern I have is breakfast. I never have time for something at home so I almost always stop at either Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or Chick-fil-a. Do you have any go-to recommendations for quick breakfasts? I’m spending some time this afternoon going through all of your posts again, but that was the one big questions I had 🙂

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