If you wonder what are some of the must have pantry items that you need, look no further! The below pantry items are must haves in the kitchen for any recipe.

When you first join Weight Watchers, there will be things in your pantry that you don’t need anymore.  For us, it was the junk food, the sugary cereals, not enough staple items and no healthy snacks.  

I quickly realized how important stocking your pantry was for being successful with Weight Watchers.  Success on the program can happen, but you need to be prepared and having a well stocked pantry helped me with that.

Please note: This list does not include snacks. This list is only for what I consider the must have pantry items you will need for recipes. You can read about snack ideas here. I also have a post all about snacking that you can check out as well.

Must Have Pantry Items

Must Have Pantry Items:

Quinoa – this grain is used in a bunch of my recipes, and is easy to make yourself.  Try this black bean and feta quinoa salad, if you aren’t sure you would like it.

Brown Rice – Cooked rice can be a lot of points on Weight Watchers, but it’s filling and healthy enough if used in moderation.  Make sure to measure your cooked rice if you want it in a recipe – it will affect most of the recipes on this blog if you use it.

OatsAll Purpose FlourDifferent varieties of pasta
Extra Virgin olive oilAvocado oilSesame oil
Coconut oilRed wine vinegarRice vinegar
ChickpeasDiced tomatoesBlack beans
Tomato SauceTomato pasteDifferent varieties of dried beans
Chicken brothVegetable brothBeef broth
Baking powderBaking sodaHoney

These items will help make your cooking experience that much easier if you have them on hand already.  I always keep a healthy stock of broths and canned tomatoes and beans just in case I want to add them to a recipe.

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