One of the things that I have recently gotten in my kitchen is a kitchen scale.  I had no idea how great this scale can be.  Or how needed it was.  I don’t know about you, but when I am inputting a recipe into Weight Watchers Recipe Builder (like I do for all my recipes), you would know that Weight Watchers defines cooked chicken breast in ounces.  You can change it to pounds or individual chicken breasts, but you have to change it.  It defaults to ounces.

Eat Smart Scale Review

When I weighed out how much chicken 3 ounces was, I was shocked.  It’s a good amount, but not enough to fill me up.  I need more than just 3 ounces.  So it was awesome to see exactly how much cooked chicken 3 ounces is.

I think the best thing about this kitchen scale is how simple and easy the scale is to use.  You just add the batteries, which come with the scale.  Then you put your food on the scale.  Press the power button.  Then you can change the units of measure between ounces, pounds or grams.  All with a click of the button.

This scale has been a game changer for me and my weight loss.  I know that I wouldn’t have been able to lose as much weight as I did or as quickly as I did without a kitchen scale behind me.  And this Eat Smart Kitchen scale allowed me to switch between units of measure quickly and easily.  And the scale is SO easy to read, which I absolutely loved.

Eat Smart Scale Review

*I received an Eat Smart Scale for this review.  All opinions and advice are my own.

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