I have a confession to make.  I don’t have a set goal weight that I am trying to achieve.  I think I’ll know what that weight is when I get there.  I want to feel confident in my clothes and I have a few inspiration outfits (one was a dress I wore to my bridal shower) that I want to get back into.  That will be a good measure of where I am and when I hit my goal.

The reason I mention this is because you set a goal with Weight Watchers.  My goal weight is 155lbs.  I am about 10lbs from that goal weight, but I would be happy with a goal weight of 160lbs.  The best thing about the Weight Watchers app is that you can change your goal weight as you go along.  So, if I feel good at 160lbs, I will make that my goal weight.

Besides setting a goal weight, I need to start setting exercising goals.  That is my biggest weakness and something I haven’t been stressing much lately.  But now it’s time to get serious of adding exercise to my routine.  Granted, this last week was all about sitting on the couch and watching the Olympics.  I still need to get out of my funk and start being active outside.

Time to Set Exercise Goals

Exercise Goals

  1.  On days I don’t cook dinner, get outside and go for a walk.  Our walking path is about 1 1/2 miles, so it’s a pretty good distance to walk.  We have hills, so I get my heart rate up, which I appreciate and love.
  2. Work through the Cize video 2 days a week.  I bought this video a while ago, and I haven’t really used it yet.  I need to get more consistent with this and try not to die while completing the video.
  3. Try to do push ups or sit up during commercials.  Key of this goal is “try”…not sure how well I will do on this, but I need to work on my upper body strength – and abs.

Time to Set Exercise Goals


  • Starting Weight on May 31, 2016 – 191 lbs
  • Current Weight on August 12, 2016 – 166.8 lbs
  • Total Weight Loss:  25.2 lbs


  1. I don’t really care about the number on the scale anymore either. I just love that I am able to fit into clothes that I haven’t been able to get into for a long time. I am almost back to my wedding weight (so close), so I feel you. I would love to wear those clothes again! One day at a time.

  2. Girl I am right there with you. I have gained a few lbs in the last year for whatever reason, basically pure laziness, and I need to drop a few. I don’t really care about a number on the scale, BUT I would like to fit back into my newlywed wardrobe, ha! You can DO THIS!! Setting realistic weekly goals is key, I think! Just take it a day at a time. We can do this!

  3. Those are great exercise goals! I’ve been trying to make them, but it’s been tough since summer is so busy. I’m doing my best though lol

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