Well the last week has been a whirlwind.  To say that I am freaking out might even be an understatement.  Am I dreaming right now?  I definitely can’t tell.  I think I’m awake…people are talking to me and I am emailing everyone under the sun, so I must be awake, right?  Let me take you back a few days.

On Sunday, March 20th, Jeremy and I met our Realtor at a house that he had a lead on.  It’s not currently listed, but he knows the owners and knew they were looking to sell.  Fun fact – he used to live in the house next door to this one.  Oh, and our Realtor lived in our condo complex…it’s crazy.

Jeremy and I walk through the house and we just fall in love.  It was love at first sight for me.  It had almost everything we wanted – everything on our wish list is pretty much in this house.  We saw 2 other houses that day, but none of them could compare to this one.  We were already moving in before we even left it.  I didn’t want to be too excited in front of our agent, but I almost couldn’t contain myself.

On Our Way To Our Own Home

After sleeping on it, we decided to go forward with putting an offer in on this house.  How could we let this beauty go to someone else?  I wanted it.  Jeremy wanted it.  We had to have it.  Oh, and it was under our budget – by a lot.  So, we took the leap and put our offer in, contingent on the sale of our condo.

Fast forward to 2 nights ago.  Our agent calls us to tell us that he has heard from the seller our “our house”.  They countered our offer back to the asking price, but they will throw in seller assist closing costs…so we accepted.  It felt amazing, but we still weren’t on the market, so we had no idea how this would turn out.

On Our Way To Our New Home

Yesterday, at 1:15pm, our Realtor listed our house.  Within an hour, he had 2 interested buyers who wanted to come and see it.  He has sold 4 other properties in our complex, and never had interest this quickly.  I’m freaking out.  Like, my hands are shaking so badly that I almost can’t type.  I’m just shocked and can’t believe that people are so interested in our little house.  We have so many wonderful memories in our condo too…so it’s a little bittersweet for me, but I’m excited for the new adventure.

I am shocked that this has happened…it’s crazy.  And while life has been crazy for us, dinner doesn’t have to be.  This one pot lentil and farro sausage soup is fantastic and perfect for a crazy week night.  I made this the night before things got insane and crazy, and both of us loved it.

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