I don’t know about you but snacking is so hard for me.  I do have my snack bag, which I have featured before, and it’s great for when I am at work.  

But what else could I do to really help to curb the hunger that strikes around 3pm?  And what about at home?   I am all about a quick grab and go snack.  

These 2 quick Weight Watchers snack ideas can help you when you just want to grab and go.

Weight Watchers Snack Ideas

During a recent grocery shopping trip to Publix, I was walking down the chip and popcorn aisle.  

This is usually an aisle that I totally avoid, but the cravings for something salty were hitting me hard lately, so I decided to chance it.  I found this Healthy Pop Kettle Corn in individual bags.  

What really intrigued me was that these were endorsed by Weight Watchers and had their SmartPoints values right on the box.  

For just 3 SmartPoints, I can enjoy a small bag of popcorn (the kettle corn flavor is amazing – sweet and salty all in one).

Weight Watchers Snack Ideas

These small popcorn bags are perfect for days at the office or at home over the weekends.  

I love being able to pop the popcorn (and hopefully not burn it) and take the bag wherever I need it- on the commute home from work, or in front of the TV, or at my desk at work.

As great as the popcorn is, sometimes I need chocolate.  I love eating chocolate chips, but lately I have wanted even more.  

I found these Weight Watchers pecan crowns at Publix and I couldn’t be more in love.  Each chocolate pecan crown is 3 SmartPoints (don’t let the 1 PointPlus fool you).  

But these little crowns are amazing.  They are like caramel with pecans covered in chocolate.  They satisfy that intense sweet tooth that I get sometimes and are so much more satisfying than just chocolate chips.

Weight Watchers Snack Ideas

There are multiple types of popcorn and chocolate candies that you can choose from too.  I loved the kettle corn popcorn, but they had a jalapeno, butter and plain variety that you could try as well.  

My sweet tooth is intense lately, so I wanted the kettle corn and it did not disappoint.  There are also different types of chocolate candies and cakes you could also try.

No matter what you choose to help with your daily snacking, these Weight Watchers snacks are a healthier option that are quick and easy.  I can grab a package of popcorn and make it at work.  

Or I can add a few chocolate pecan crowns to my purse for an on the go snack.  The options are endless.

weight-watchers-snack-ideas 4

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  1. Yes, it is non-GMO according to the website.

  2. Hi.. is the jolly time kettle pop non GMO?

  3. Thanks Rachael! I actually just went and bought even more of these snacks so that I have them on hand. Gotta try to stop those cravings – and those are intense sometimes. As for WW, you got this! Feel free to reach out if you have questions about anything!

  4. Yum, so good!!
    Officially starting WW on Monday.. wish me luck! x

  5. Hi Brandi! I am so glad that you are following along. And that is great progress so far! I have to admit that you can definitely live your life while still losing weight. Also don’t beat yourself up if you don’t think you are losing fast enough. Your body will lose as fast as it wants to. Feel free to ask any questions you have. We are in this together!

  6. I haven’t tried the smartpop brand yet, but I’m sure it’s delicious too. My coworker buys smartpop and loves it. I love the kettle corn flavor. It’s so good!

  7. Thanks Macy. I love these options too (snack options are key for me). And popcorn is always a great snack option!

  8. I had too. I had a coworker mention it a few months ago and didn’t think much of it. Then I got to try it and YUM. It’s so good. I will be buying more of it…it’s so good!

  9. I used to eat popcorn everyday at work, but I don’t think it’s this healthy. These bags were SO easy to pop and tasted amazing. I’ve never tried the WW chocolates, so these were wonderful. I’ll be buying more of these, for sure!

  10. I just discovered your blog and I am so glad! I started WW 7/14. As of today, I am down 8.8 pounds. I have never successfully stuck to anything, so I am quite proud of myself 🙂 I haven’t been as diligent as I probably could and should be, so I hope to find some inspiration from your journey!

  11. YUM! I have some smartpop that I like to eat for large snacks. They are actually surprisingly filling. I’d love that this is kettle corn flavored though.

  12. I love these options!! I need some popcorn in my life.

  13. Oooh I totally forgot about 100 calorie popcorn! Totally picking some up next week!

  14. I love popcorn! I’m glad there’s options like these. I’ve had some of the WW chocolate and never been disappointed!

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