The new Weight Watchers Freestyle program includes an expanded list of zero point foods – and some of these are commonly used items.  There are now over 200 items on the list that have 0 Points.

The list below is applicable to US members.  If you are a member in another country, this list might look different.

Weight Watchers Freestyle Zero Point Food List

Some of the zero Point foods are:

  • Skinless chicken breast – NEW (includes whole chicken breasts or ground chicken).  Make sure it is breast meat only and 98% fat free or higher
  • Skinless turkey breast – NEW (includes whole or ground turkey).  If it’s ground, make sure it’s 98% fat free or higher and breast meat only
  • Tofu – NEW
  • Eggs and egg whites – NEW
  • Nonfat plain yogurt – NEW (includes different types like traditional and Greek, ect.)
  • Fish and Shellfish – NEW (includes fresh, frozen, canned and smoked without any added fat or sugars)
Weight Watchers Smoked Salmon Zero Points
  • Peas – NEW (includes different types like chickpeas, sugar snap peas, snow peas, split peas and black-eyed peas)
  • Beans – NEW (includes different types like black beans, kidney beans, edamame, fat-free refried beans, pinto beans, bean sprouts, and soy beans)
  • Lentils – NEW
  • Corn – NEW (includes different types like sweet corn, corn on the cob and baby corn)
  • Fresh and frozen fruit – UNCHANGED without added sugar and canned fruits in water or sugar-free syrup
  • Most fresh and frozen vegetables – UNCHANGED
    • The vegetables that are not free are potatoes, sweet potatoes, avocados and olive

The list below is applicable to US members.  If you are a member in another country, this list might look different.

For a full list of the Weight Watchers zero point food list, please go to the Weight Watchers website.  You will need to be an active member to view the list.

Please Keep This In Mind

Just because some of these food items are zero points, don’t over-indulge.  Please be mindful of your body and know when to stop eating.  Just because a chicken breast is zero points, please don’t eat 5 in one sitting.  Use the serving sizes in recipes or on the app as a guide.

Don’t over-indulge or over eat just because these are zero points.  Listen to your body and stop when you are satisfied, not when you are stuffed (like when you eat a Thanksgiving meal).

As great as the new zero point food list is, remember to track everything and eat a balanced diet.  I say to track everything, because this is new to all of us, and until you become comfortable with the changes to the points, it’s best to err on the side of caution.  Track it all until you feel more comfortable with these updates.


  1. Hi Sandra – I would say they are different because the scanner doesn’t take in all of the new zero point foods like the app does. I don’t know if WW will be updating the scanner to take these into account, but that is what I would guess. Also remember that just because it’s 0 points doesn’t mean it doesn’t have calories. This could also be why there is a difference when you scan vs. look it up on the app. I hope that helps.

  2. I love shelled edamame beans. The app says 0 points but scanning different bags of plain enamel beans it says half cup 3 points.

  3. Yes, the points went down with Freestyle. I can’t calculate what your new daily point value would be. The only way you could find that out is if you become a member again.

  4. Hi there I used to be a member. But know I want to do on my own my daily points are34&my weekly are 42 I am not sure with the new program the freestyle the points went down is it possible for you to tell me how many points that I will use.thx for your time

  5. Hi Judy – congrats on being able to maintain your weight loss. That is awesome and such an accomplishment. You should be able to login to the site or go to a meeting to get the information you need. I don’t have a full list of the zero foods list.

  6. I am a lifetime weight watcher and have maintained my weight for the last 10 years how can I get the list of free foods

  7. It must be because you are in Australia. But it’s definitely zero points in the US. I’ll add a note that this zero point list is for US and it might be different depending on the country you live in. Or something along those lines.

  8. Wow, it’s definitely showing up as 1pt per serve for me, I’ve even checked with an online “coach”. I’ wonder if it’s different as I am in Australia.

  9. I just checked and typed in “smoked salmon” and it came back with “Fish, smoked, salmon” and it’s 0 points for 3oz. I added a graphic from the WW site that states that it’s zero points (this is for 6oz).

  10. Hi Kristyn, I have checked the list and “smoked” is not listed a zero. Additionally, when you track smoked salmon, it accrues points.

  11. Yes, it is still zero points. Just because it’s zero points though, doesn’t mean that there aren’t calories associated with it. So be careful of those.

  12. If a can of beans has 3 servings and you eat the whole can is that still zero points when the can reads 350 calories.

  13. To get the full list: Go to WW website and click on Living at the top of the screen, then click on Your Plan and that brings up a page that has a link to the downloadable list as long as you are an active member.

  14. To get to the 0 pts food list click on living at the top of the screen, then on the page it pulls up click on your plan and that brings up a page that has a link to the downloadable list as long as you are an active member.

  15. Please send me a list of zero foods, and are baked beans zero?

  16. According to their full 200+ list, most smoked fish is zero points. It depends on the fish, but smoked salmon and smoked whitefish are zero points, just to name a few.

  17. Hey there, I don’t think smoked fish is 0 points 🙁

  18. If you click “My Plan” online, you should be able to access the list of zero point foods. It’s on there. I don’t have a copy of it myself, but I know you can download it from their site.

  19. I just rejoined and can not access the full list of zero points foods. Help please

  20. Log in online and select “My Plan”. The details are there and the list should be downloadable from there.

  21. Hi Tracy – no, the points have gone down because of all the new zero point foods that they are offering. You will have to be a member to figure out your daily points. And as far as I know, the points are calculated the same.

  22. Are you still allowed the same daily points or has that changed with the freestyle? And if so how do I figure out my daily points? Do you still check points on a product the sane way, calories, sat fat, sugar, protein?

    Thank Tracy

  23. Are you inputting the points into the nutritional calculator? I was told by WW Support that sometimes those calculations will be higher since everything has calories, even if it has 0 points. Hopefully that helps!

  24. Thank you Linda. All the recipes have been updated with Freestyle points, so you should have a more accurate point total. For the Salsa Chicken, it’s only 3 SmartPoints per serving now.

  25. I am a little bit confused. Can you please explain me how do you count the freestyle points for the slow cooker spaghetti sauce? I count more than 2 points. What do I do wrong? Thank you!

  26. I would like a update on the points on your recipes. I tried the salsa chicken tonight and I loved it. Thank you.

  27. I am looking for a list of the Freestyle foods also. I am a member and I cannot find it either under WW

  28. As a Lifetime member, can’t you login to the website and pull up the full list? I don’t have the full list myself, but I’m sure you could get it if you are a Lifetime member.

  29. I am a life time member and i can not get the list of zero foods on my computer is there another way to get them on my computer?

  30. They had a link on the app that I clicked on with more information. I haven’t checked the website lately though. I’m sure you could search the site too and see if you can find it.

  31. DO you know where on the website you can find the list? I am having trouble locating it on the weight watchers website.

  32. Hi Cynthia,

    The full list is available if you are a Weight Watchers member. I don’t have the ability to share that information with you.

  33. Could you please email me the list of Freestyle free foods. Thank you

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