How often do you check the expiration dates on things sitting in your fridge?  Did you know that you can tell a lot about a persons eating habits based on the contents of their refrigerator?  When you are trying to meal plan effectively – like you should be doing – seeing what is in your refrigerator can help keep you on track and in check.

Let me explain:  I will admit that I go through cycles of meal planning.  Some weeks I do so good and feel great about myself (it’s a winning week if I can cook everything I’m supposed to).  Some weeks are struggles and I just don’t want to walk into the kitchen – like when we were renovating or when I got sick a few weeks ago.  If you had walked into my house and looked in my fridge, it would have been pretty easy to see when I was feeling good about meal planning, and when I struggled to even go to the store.

What's In Your Fridge?

Have you ever thought about that?  The contents of your refrigerator will tell you if someone is meal planning or not?  When I haven’t been to the store that week, my fridge is pretty bare.  This isn’t the way to do things.  I don’t think you should do this either, because it’s not healthy and you are trying to be healthy, right?  Eating out for dinner every night isn’t what you should be doing…trust me on that!

When you do meal plan, you are able to get everything you need for the week ahead and you have plenty of options for snacks as well as meals to cook.  I sometimes will also get sandwich meat that I can eat as a snack, or I eat my trusty cheese sticks.  I always have those on hand because they are a quick grab and go snack.

So, what’s in your fridge?  Are you trying and liking meal planning?


  1. That’s great! We don’t do the cleaning of the refrigerator as much as we should, but we do meal plan as much as possible for the week ahead.

  2. I clean out my refrigerator every Sunday and do meal planning / prep that day. I let a lot of things go around our home but somehow meal planning is something I’ve been able to stick with.

  3. Haha! We are the same way right now. We haven’t gone grocery shopping yet since I just got back from vacation. I guess we need to fix that eventually! Haha!

  4. Right now my fridge has about 5 take out containers in it. Whooooooooops.

  5. I totally believe that the weather can alter my mood about what I want to cook or if I cook anything. I have changed my mind a lot because of the weather and not feeling like going to the store or cook anything. I totally understand your pain!

  6. I’ve been using two different meal services and typically we do well at cooking what we have in the fridge. Sadly, the weather lately has been gloomy and cold here and most of my meals have been salad based and for spring/summer. Thus, right now my refrigerator is full but I’m not cooking…..

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