We all have and know that breaking point moment.  That moment that it finally clicks that you need to do something about your weight.  

I know, I know…talking about your weight is taboo.  I get that, but I also think that we need to be honest with ourselves and our bodies.  You aren’t alone…a lot of people struggle with their weight.

Some choose crash diets.  Some choose the newest fad diet.  Me?  I decided to go with Weight Watchers, and I am loving it.

So many recipes to try

Their site is full of wonderful recipes that taste delicious.  I was a little skeptical at first, but after cooking a few of them, I knew that these were all great options for any meal.

Below are 6 dinner options from Dash of Herbs you can try:

More Recipes

Chocolate bar marzipan jujubes jelly-o carrot cake caramels. Tootsie roll cookie jujubes powder icing lemon drops. Pastry brownie topping oat cake chocolate cake jelly candy gingerbread tart.

The app

Tracking your food doesn’t have to be difficult.  The app gives you the freedom to eat and track anywhere.  And they list ton of restaurants that you can search to find whatever you are about to eat.  

Meal Planning is still critical when it comes to weight loss, but the app truly helps me keep up with what I am putting in my body each day.

Ease of use

Their website isn’t the easiest to navigate, but it’s not that hard to figure out what you need to do.  It’s so simple to open up the tracker and plug in your food.  

If that is all you do, you are succeeding.  Weight Watchers knows that tracking everything from food to activity needs to be fairly simple.  

And they accomplished that – in my opinion.  Could the program be better?  Well, sure…but can’t anything be better?

The Community

I was surprised how welcoming the community was once I joined a few groups.  I also started a blog there, that sort of morphed into this one.  

Having people who are going through the same struggles and successes that you are is empowering.  And it keeps you motivated.  

You will go through times of struggle, but being able to lean on your community truly helps get you out of the funk.

You aren’t hungry

I truly believe that Weight Watchers works well because you are constantly eating.  You are just eating better, and tracking it.  I eat almost all day long, and rarely get hungry.  

Yes, a hunger pain might come, but I know then that I need to eat a small snack.  Those hunger pains are almost like little triggers to remind myself to eat.

I rarely have that “OMG…I am starving” moment.  Because I am snacking all day long (good snacks…nothing that is too many points), I am always satisfied.  And I rarely get too full.  It’s a perfect balance, in my opinion.

Have you thought about trying Weight Watchers?

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