Have you thought about buying an Instant Pot, but you aren’t sure if it’s a good investment? This post is for you! I break down all the possible questions you could think of while you are wondering about making this decision.

What is an Instant Pot? It’s an electric pressure cooker. And I will be honest, I feel safer using an Instant Pot vs the other types of pressure cookers on the market.

Since the pressure cooker cooks the food at pressure, it cuts down on cook times.

  • ONE POT – The Instant Pot allows you to brown your food in the same pot that you will use to pressure cook it. It makes cooking different things so easy because of this.
  • EASY TO USE – Once you learn the basics of the Instant Pot, it is incredibly easy to use. I absolutely love how easy it is to make almost anything.
  • INEXPENSIVE – I personally think that the Instant Pot is an inexpensive kitchen appliance. Why? Because you can cook so many things different things in it, and it really as been well used in my house.
  • ADD ONS – Did you know that you can buy an air fryer top for your Instant Pot? It’s life changing to be able to have 2 kitchen appliances in one. The air fryer top is amazing and makes it easy to make so many more dishes.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – I love how easy this is to clean. The inner pot just comes right out and can be cleaned so easily. I have had my Instant Pot for 6 years, and I have never had to replace the inner pot. It cleans up so quickly and easily.
  • COOKING TIMES – The Instant Pot drastically cuts down on cooking times. A roast, that would take several hours in the oven can be cooked in 60 minutes.
  • SAFE – I have used traditional pressure cookers before and they scared me. So much that I only used it once or twice and gave up. Then came along the Instant Pot, and my whole world changed. I love how safe this is (as long as you read the instruction manual) and how confident I am using it.
Picture of the Instant Pot

There is something about the Instant Pot that just makes sense. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a one-pot kitchen appliance? Maybe it’s that you can sear meat or cook onions and garlic in it before you add other ingredients.

Maybe it’s because it cooks foods so much quicker than the stovetop or oven? I’m not really sure, but I love my Instant Pot and highly recommend it to anyone who asks.

Below, you can find some wonderful Instant Pot recipes. Most of these are lunch or dinner recipes, but there’s a wide variety of foods to choose from.

My in-laws absolutely love the Instant Pot Chicken Enchiladas. They made those every few weeks and just rave about them.

My entire family (toddlers included) love the Instant Pot Cheesy Turkey Burger Macaroni. James (my 3 year old) requests this recipe now because he loves it so much. Anything to get a toddler to eat their dinner, right?

What are some of your favorite Instant Pot Recipes?

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