With the holidays right around the corner, do you have any foodies or cooks in your life that you need to buy for?  Sometimes I find that the foodies are the hardest because you never know what they already have, what they might want, or what they desperately need.

Uncommon Goods Review

I have recently discovered a site that is perfect for the foodie – or anyone really – who you need to find a unique and interesting gift for.  This site is for someone who doesn’t want the Pottery Barn or Williams Sonoma run of the mill gift.  This is for the person who wants something special, yet completely unique and unlike anything they would currently own.

Uncommon Goods is the perfect place for a foodie who has almost everything.  I love that they have a great gift list for Christmas dedicated to cooks (among other lists).

Uncommon Goods Review

Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Stand:

This cookbook stand is beautiful.  It’s wonderfully made and has the rustic touches that make it completely unique.  The reclaimed wood that the stand is made from is just so beautiful and has that timeless look.  I also love the metal accents of this piece.  It makes this piece completely unique and unlike anyone currently has.  It’s a great gift idea for the cook who has everything.

Uncommon Goods Review

I didn’t have a cookbook stand (I know it’s such a basic thing, but I didn’t have one), until I got this one.  There are probably other foodies and cooks out there just like me!  This stand is great for the traditional cookbook, iPad, or a piece of paper with your grandmother’s recipe on it.  It looks great in the kitchen too!

My Family Cookbook:

Uncommon Goods Review

If your family is anything like mine, you have so many family recipes on pieces of paper or on different recipe cards scattered throughout the family.  It’s so hard to keep up with too.  Like, who has Auntie Jane’s Pot Pie recipe or who has that piece of paper that grandma wrote her famous pie recipe one.  You get the idea.

Well, this My Family Cookbook is the answer to this problem.  This book can house all the family’s recipes in one place and keep them in a cookbook instead of recipe cards or pieces of paper.  And you can give these as gifts for your family members.  This cookbook allows you to keep all the recipes and include pictures of each recipe if you have them.  It’s so awesome to be able to keep the memories of each of your family recipes all in one book.

Uncommon Goods Review

Uncommon Goods also has tons of other gift lists for the members of your family.  One that I am eyeing for my family is the stocking stuffer gift list.  You should check them out for unique and great quality gift ideas for your family members.

*I received both gifts from Uncommon Goods for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.


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