Snacking is one of my weaknesses.  And knowing what are healthy snacks and not-so healthy snacks can be a challenge.  

But snacking can curb my hunger until I can eat a larger meal, so I know that it’s important to snack, and do it the right way.

The Snack Bag

If you are like me, you work a full time job.  I am fortunate enough to work in a place that has so many options for breakfast and lunch, but not much in terms of snack food.  

There are some things that I can snack on at work, but I prefer to bring a snack bag with me to work.  This helps me control what I am snacking on and I don’t spend as much money at the office.

All About Snacking and Healthy Snacking

So, what’s in my snack bag?

I like things foods portioned out for me.  That let’s me (or Jeremy since he actually packs my snack bag) grab it and go.  

I wash all fruit that I am going to pack the night before and place them in snack sized ziplock baggies.  This has been strawberries and blueberries right now.  Just a few is all I need.

I have been on a yogurt kick lately.  I love Dannon Light and Fit Greek Vanilla yogurt.  I dip my fruit into it and eat it together – delightful and quite fun.  

One container of this yogurt is 2 SmartPoints.  That’s pretty good to me.  And this will typically fill me up between lunch and dinner.

I always have a cheese stick or a cheese wheel on hand at all times.  I get really hangry if I don’t have food pretty regularly, so instead of a meltdown, I will always have one or both of these in my purse to snack on.  

All About Snacking

This is especially true for the drive home on weeknights or running errands over the weekend.  A cheese stick is 2 SmartPoints and the Babybel Light cheese wheel is 1 SmartPoint.

Hummus is also sometimes found in my snack bag.  I found Boar’s Head sells individual hummus cups which are 3 SmartPoints each.  

I pair these with chopped veggies (any kind of sweet pepper or cucumber is great with hummus) or I have Triscuits with the hummus.  This is worth more points, but it keeps me fuller longer.

If I have other fruit, like watermelon or cantaloupe, that will be in my snack bag too.

I also love guacamole, so a low carb option is perfect for a quick snack.  I have also seen individual packets of guacamole and I like to pair them with chopped peppers as well.

Grab and Go Snacks

I mentioned some of these earlier, but my go-to grab and go snacks are cheese.  If I develop a dairy-intolerance, I don’t know what I would do.  

The cheese stick and the cheese wheel are perfect for driving in the car, or walking around a store.  We have ventured to Home Depot a lot since we bought our house, so we will be walking down the aisles and I’ll be munching on my cheese stick.  

It’s just a fact of life that you might have the urge to eat anywhere…so be prepared.

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